3 Famous People You Had No Idea Wore Dentures

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June 7, 2018
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3 Famous People You Had No Idea Wore Dentures

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In Hollywood, having perfect, sparkling teeth is essential to nabbing the most coveted roles. It should come as no surprise to learn that many of your favorite stars have had dental implants or veneers in order to obtain their flawless smiles. However, some went a step even further by choosing to get dentures.

Unlike veneers, which sit on top of existing teeth to improve their appearance, dentures are fake teeth that fill voids where teeth are missing. They may or may not require having teeth removed in order to fit correctly.

Here are a few famous faces you probably never realized wore dentures. Florence Henderson – Though she recently passed away, Florence Henderson was very passionate about her dentures. At one point, she was even a spokesperson for Polident, a type of denture cleaner.

Winston Churchill – Winston Churchill’s dentures are infamously credited as the “dentures that helped win WWII.” He had them modified so that he still talked with his trademark lisp. While one set of them are in display at the Hunterian Museum, another set recently sold for over 15,000 pounds.

Ben Affleck – Though this one is more of a rumor than a confirmed fact, sources say that Ben Affleck may indeed have worn dentures in the past to cover up his imperfect teeth. These days, though, he seems to have chosen more permanent dental veneers.

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