Three Tips For Getting Used To Dentures

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January 4, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Three Tips For Getting Used To Dentures

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Oral discomfort is a part of life for many new denture wearers. If it’s a problem for you, getting used to dentures and how to wear them well is paramount to your health. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for a great new smile. Try on these tips to help you adjust to your new teeth.

Exercise Your Cheeks –
Your buccinator muscles are your cheek muscles, which help direct the food in your mouth as you prepare to swallow. So, like working out any body part, building these muscles in the first few weeks (or prior to getting your dentures) can give you more control over your meals while eating.

Experiment with an Adhesive –
Talk to your EAB Denture Clinic about the best dental creams or adhesives currently available, and experiment with what kind works best for you. A small amount can go along way to reducing early irritation. But don’t substitute this adhesive for poorly fitting dentures; always make an appointment with your dentist if you feel you need a more lasting adjustment for a better fit.

Sing Your Speech –
Taking a page from professional speech therapists, per Articulate Technologies, music is a great form of speech training. With your new dentures, try singing along to your favorite music during the day. Techniques like singing smooth, fluid phrases at slower rates can help you get used to forming certain words more easily so your dentures won’t feel like a hindrance.

Ultimately, don’t miss any of your dental visits after the first few months of wearing dentures. Even now that you have new teeth, it’s just as important to always keep with your regular checkups and take care of your oral hygiene at home.

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