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June 21, 2018
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July 19, 2018

Your smile makes a difference

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Don’t underrate your smile and the power it has to influence your world. If you have a great looking smile you are more likely to smile. That’s a fact. And smiling it seems is good for you…

What happens when you smile?

Smiling has a positive impact on your brain…something about neurotransmitters and stabilizing your mood. Aside from the actual physical science of smiling, research shows that when you smile, people treat you differently.

Smile and you will appear to be more reliable, relaxed, sincere and attractive. In a large study done with photographs of faces, people who smiled more were rated as more attractive. (Face Research Laboratory, Scotland). Is why most celebrities and people in the public eye have beautiful smiles?

According to some cosmetic dentists, broken, yellow and stained teeth can make a person look older. People with dental issues are also more likely not to smile. Not smiling affects us in many ways, some people feel depressed, embarrassed, disconnected, many suffer from low self-esteem..

EAB Denture Clinic in Ilford specialise in replacing missing teeth by means of various types of dentures, by providing custom made prosthesis in the hopes of restoring aesthetics and function for you. This can usually be accomplished within 1-5 working days. If you notice a problem with your dentures, contact us right away.